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Central Coast Investments is a Property Sales and Management Company offering a broad range of service. Experience, Resources and Capabilities are combined to meet each individual client's needs.
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We are Celebrating Thirty Years in Real Estate and Property Management

Buyer or Tenant Representation

We at Central Coast Investments recognize that some buyers may be concerned that their interests may not be fully represented when dealing with a broker who has the listing on a property.

Central Coast Investments Services is a broker who can establish a contractual relationship with a buyer or tenant and locate one or more properties that meet their needs.

For buyers, we concentrate on estimating market value of properties through income analysis and knowledge of the commercial marketplace. As property owners, we realize how critical knowledge of market value, exchange versus installment, development potential, property performance, and income projection are in real estate transactions. Therefore we do a tremendous amount of research, and provide full disclosure prior to recommending the purchase, or sale of a piece of property. We internalize your investment, and make it our own within your guidelines.

For a potential tenant seeking space, Central Coast Investments conducts a search based upon your needs: timing, location, market price of leasable space, space specifications, cost versus prestige, and amenities. We understand the importance of expansion and relocation, and we’re here to assist you in your decision making process.

For this exclusive representation, Central Coast Investments charges a nominal retainer fee based on the buyers proposed property value or the tenant’s proposed lease value.
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