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Central Coast Investments is a Property Sales and Management Company offering a broad range of service. Experience, Resources and Capabilities are combined to meet each individual client's needs.
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We are Celebrating Thirty Years in Real Estate and Property Management

Complimentary Property Analysis

We will work with all real estate owners, within our service boundaries, to furnish a concise report on various property aspects. Those owners planning on contracting with Central Coast Investments will receive the full attention and expertise of a qualified broker in providing a property analysis.

Existing owners who desire to sell their property will receive information concentrating in the areas of:

    Property evaluation
    Marketing strategies
    Enhancements to assist a sale
    Bottom line proceed estimation

Owners or potential purchasers considering contracting for “hands on” professional management will be able to review information centering on:

    Market rental income
    Project operations
    Vacancy projections
    Physical condition
    Management plan
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