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Central Coast Investments is a Property Sales and Management Company offering a broad range of service. Experience, Resources and Capabilities are combined to meet each individual client's needs.
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We are Celebrating Thirty Years in Real Estate and Property Management

Investment Property Brokerage and Consultant Services

Central Coast Investments is a broker for commercial property sales or acquisitions. We concentrate on estimating market value of the property through income analysis, sales comparable (an appraisal approach) and by replacement costs and knowledge of the commercial marketplace. We at Central Coast Investments are all investment property owners and realize how critical knowledge of market value, exchange vs installment, development potential, property performance and income projections are in real estate transactions.

Therefore we do a considerable amount of research and provide our clients with a full disclosure prior to recommending the purchase or sale of property. The analysis may lead us to recommend that the sale of your property be postponed or that this may not be the right time to buy real estate property.

Whether our client wishes to liquidate the property or procure additional property, proper marketing is a key to a successful transaction.

Additionally we offer consulting services. As experts in real estate, we offer our knowledge of the Central Coast and elsewhere on an hourly or project basis. We know how vital demographics, income potential and market value are when deciding to lease or purchase property. Our goal is to provide you with the research and information needed to make the correct decision. We want to help you build your investment portfolio through management of your assets.
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