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Property Management

Our Property Management Division handles it clients’ properties in a professional and highly sophisticated manner. The Management Division realizes that property management is no longer a simple matter of managing rents and expenses. Through proper utilization of the most modern computerized accounting procedures, the Management Division constantly monitors variable expenses to insure that each property is operated as efficiently as possible. Among the many other numerous functions of the Management Division are contracting for and over-seeing service contracts and on-site personnel and renegotiation existing leases. The Property Management Division, then, uses all available resources to manage today’s properties in the most professional manner possible.

We are owners of investment property and understand the dual role we play in managing property, so we act as the liaison between property owners and their tenants. We facilitate relationships and maintain the communication link between the two parties.

Service is our priority. Whether we are managing or leasing your office building, single family residence, or apartment complex, Central Coast Investments’ role is to handle the daily operation. We design an owner/tenant agreement that suits your style of ownership. Either Central Coast Investments assumes the total responsibility for management, or assists the owner. Our services include: locating and qualifying tenants; maintaining the interior and exterior of the property; facilitating repairs; managing accounts receivable and payable; collecting rents; working with attorneys on the eviction of tenants; generating monthly reports on income and expenses; and administering owner/tenant issues.

We are familiar with and implement Fair Housing principles, and provide specific training to our resident managers to avoid any perception of illegal discrimination.

Retention of existing tenants, aggressive marketing and challenging vendors to provide superior service at competitive rates are the major keys to improving the bottom line.

The various types of properties managed include:

    Mini-Storage Facilities
    Industrial & Business Facilities
    Retail Plazas
    Office/Medical Buildings
    Multi-Unit Apartment Complexes
    Single Family/Condominium Residences

Please contact Roxanne for more information.

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